DARYLL PEIRCE daryllpeirce[at]gmail.com Resume


RESPONSIBILITIES: Art Direction, Identity, Motion Design/Development, UX/UI Prototyping
DELIVERABLES: Logo and identity; Motion visuals for 3 conceptual presentation videos (title cards, animation, overlays, user journeys)

I was tasked by producer Lindsay Irving (Lichen Productions) to interpret and visually communicate the Bionet's robust open technology platform–the peer-to-peer exchange of biomaterials and associated data. Starting from square one with logo and identity, the Bionet team needed three instructional and procedural films delivered within a tight three week timeframe. The finished films included live action interspliced with conceptual UX/UI journeys for desktop and mobile devices to educate prospective bionet users and demonstrate how the Bionet reduces transaction times and costs associated with the sharing of biological materials among researchers and institutions. The videos were created as an outreach and educational tool for the BioBricks Foundation to gather support for the Bionet program.

My role was to decipher the complex possibilities of the Bionet as explained by lead scientists, bio-engineers and lawyers and transform their open-source philosophies of a biomaterial transference system into visual forms. Together with the producer and film team, we far exceeded all client expectations and it's been fascinating to watch them continue their upward momentum.

Title cards for instructional film:

Desktop user journey for first Procedural film:

Mobile user journey for first Procedural film:

User journey for second Procedural film:

Full introductory instructional film:

Full procedural film 1:

Full procedural film 2: